Garden Eating

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we have our own garden, and it is constantly changing every season. When my wife first got the idea of having our own garden, I wasn’t too thrilled, since it meant me having to build her a couple of 10′x10′ garden boxes. I also had to put up some barnlights to go around it. When we first bought our house, we noticed a gofer problem–holes everywhere! So garden boxes were definitely mandatory as well as really bright barnlights to stop them in there tracks if we planned on eating any of our produce. Putting up the outdoor barn lights wasn’t too bad either, It took me all of one Saturday morning, and it made my wife happy, so it was worth it.  Here a picture of the lights we put up.


Our girls love the garden and these gooseneck lights too. They help us out as much as possible.  Another great thing that’s come out of it is that we’re saving on grocery bills. Because we harvest almost all of our produce, we need to stick to what’s in season. Right now, we have a lot of strawberries, blueberries, spinach,  and asparagus. Our apricot tree is also showing its first signs of fruit, so my wife’s been making me smoothies. She mixes in organic milk with strawberries, apricots, and spinach. She might also throw in a tablespoon of organic peanut butter. I don’t know what else she puts in there because I feel like superman afterwards. I feel energized and like I just ate a full meal! Yeah, she’s great.

Doug I am

Howdy! This is my very first blog post, so I’m kinda excited to be writing. I guess I should tell you about myself. If you can’t tell already, I am what some might call an outdoorsy type. I grew up in the back woods of Mississippi, and now I live in Portland, needless to say, I’ve come a long way. I’m happily married, and I have two beautiful daughter. We live in a beautiful two-story home out in the suburbs. Our house has plenty of character, as it’s a 100-year old home, but it certainly still  needs some work. Right now we’re working on the bathroom that has horrible-looking yellow and green lights all over it, so we want to replace it with nicer-looking old style copper barn lights that will better suit the character of our home. When we bought the house back in 2011, we knew that it needed quite a few fixes, but we didn’t think it would be so difficult, trying to raise a family and renovating our home at the same time. I feel in a sense that we have three kids–our two girls, and this house to care for.

Despite being a challenge, it certainly has come with plenty of rewards. Our lot is about 1/2 an acre, so my wife has started a backyard garden. It’s great because we save on having to buy vegetables, and our girls get to enjoy being outside. One thing I have to say that I love about our garden is that we’ve made it very inviting, perfect for entertaining. We have a brick grill, a wooden deck, and a we’ve even installed some outside copper lights that surround the parameters. We bought them off an online website called They sell all kinds of copper barn lights, that look great if your into copper house lighting . I think we’ll be buying our bathroom lights from them sometime very soon.


copper barn lights



Octane Cord Hung Ceiling Lights